Manufacturer Testimonials

R. Rambach, President Music Matter Ltd. Blue Note® The Definitive 45 RPM Reissue Series
“Kevin you have an amazing product! Thanks for making such a positive difference, at any price, SRA is a pure gift!”
Music Matters Ltd.

J. Harley, VP of AudioQuest
“Thanks again Kevin, you have pushed my system closer to reality with these beautifully built babies!”

R. Karsten, President of Atma-Sphere
“Awesome vibration control products!”

Atma-Sphere Music Systems

B. Bouchard, President of Verity Audio
“By far the best audio isolation products on the market.”
Verity Audio

J. Pelchat, Acoustician at Verity Audio
“Very, very good audio isolation products, the best we have ever used!”
Verity Audio

J. DePhillips of Discovery Cable
Discovery Cable

J. Smith of Silver Smith Cable
“I am amazed at how much your isoBASES tightened everything up! Congrats on a wonderful audio isolation product!”
Silver Smith Cable

J. White, Aesthetix
“Well Kevin, it’s awesome. I expected an improvement, but I was not prepared for how MUCH of an improvement your isoBASE products would make!”

M. Raile at Sony
“I continue to use & recommend SRA sound dampening products with our SACD (Super Audio CD) high-resolution devices.”

R. Bird, President of Rives Audio
I’m impressed–and it takes a lot to impress me.
Rives Audio

S. Bednarski of Balanced Audio Technology
“What a fine product you make, the improvement in my high end audio system is dramatic to say the least!”
Balanced Audio Technology

V. Lamm, President of Lamm Industries
“SRA isolation bases are very serious, I highly recommend SRA products!”
Lamm Industries

Warren Gehl
“The music just breathes with more life now. The bass has deeper authority and more control as well. Things just sound more real.”
Audio Research Q.C.