Virginia-Classae Reference

Top-of-the-line, cost-no-object, state-of-the-art component-specific isolation. This is the pinnacle of what can be achieved scientifically in the lab, objectively on the test bench and subjectively in the listening room.

The Virginia-Classae Reference isoBASE™ represents a number of things to us at Silent Running Audio.  Of course it’s our reference product.  It’s also the culmination of what we’ve learned over 30 years in the design and manufacture of vibration and acoustical solutions for the aerospace, military, electronics and medical industries.

It’s the result of pure passion. Tireless research.  40 patents.  And of an absolute unwillingness to settle for anything less than perfection. All of which is applied to a singular purpose—maximizing the performance of your components in your audio system.

To that end, each bespoke Virginia-Classae Reference isoBASE is Angstrom Engineered (ae).  Exclusive to our Virginia-Class products, this NASA-derived process is implemented to ensure the tight tolerances required to yield peerless performance.

It all starts with a question: What are we designing for?  After determining component specifics, every data point is collected, weighed, considered and analyzed.

This includes your component’s size, weight, distribution of weight, chassis composition, and other pertinent data right down to the type of footer it features.

Next we collect data about your room. Including, among other things, its dimensions, construction, floor composition and coverings.

Once the electrical, mechanical and acoustical topography of your system is determined, a “build print” is created. A single, dedicated craftsman does the rest—building every millimeter by hand.

Each jewel-like chassis features a custom-made nanocomposite housing. This creates the ideal coupling path between component footer and isoBASE, enabling it to drain and sink skin-effect vibration.

Under this nanocomposite skin are two of our enormously complex Raft Isolation Systems™. Each is encased in its own vacuum and calibrated to single-angstrom tolerances. It’s our most reactionary, most effective implementation ever.

Mechanically grounding this to your floor are build-specific leg assemblies. These are made of HY80 high-tensile steel, a material originally developed for the hulls of U.S. nuclear submarines.

The legs are drilled and filled with build-specific damping compound, then coated with a textured skin-effect-reducing ceramic-based damping material. The footers are then fitted with internally damped 18-8 stainless-steel cones which are, in turn, fitted with 18-8 adjustable stainless-steel spikes.

All this gives your audio components the ultimate platform from which to launch a level of performance you never even imagined.  Welcome to the sonic truth.  Welcome to Virginia-Classae Reference.

Should you change components, Silent Running Audio offers free lifetime recalibration of your Virginia-Classae Reference isoBASE to the original owner.  Recalibration is performed within the dimensions of the original chassis.

Because each is custom-crafted for the component it serves, a Virginia-Class Reference platform will vary in size and weight. For detailed information, contact your dealer, distributor, or SRA directly. The standard color for all SRA isolation stands, is Gloss Black. Other colors may be available, but with additional lead times and cost.


All SRA products are shipped in custom-made and padded wooden crates.



SRA offers a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, to the original owner, providing that the product has not been damaged, abused or altered in any way.


Terms of Sale

Due to the bespoke nature of SRA products, they are not eligible for refund, return or exchange for any reason. Once orders are accepted and paid for, all sales are final.

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