Ohio-Class XL+

With all the accolades and awards we’ve received for the Ohio-Class XL isoBASE™, you’d think we’d be satisfied. But that’s just not who we are at Silent Running Audio.

At Silent Running Audio, we pursue a curious company-wide passion: improving on what is already considered the state-of-the-art.

The result of this passion is the Ohio-Class XL+ isoBASE™—a product designed to take the considerable strengths of the original Ohio-Class XL isoBASE and build upon them in several ways. Some subtle.  Some substantial.  All meaningful.

Everything that goes into crafting an Ohio-Class XL+ isoBASE  is brought together within the framework of our Component Specific Design™ technology. Every material.  Every part.  Every interaction between the two right down to the molecular level. Of course this is how we design our Ohio-Class XL products too.  So what sets them apart?

Starting on the outside, the housing materials in the Ohio-Class XL+ are both stronger and more inert.

Inside each isoBASE is our proprietary Raft Isolation System.™ It’s a dynamic system that can change its isolation properties through a series of complicated thermal reactions. While it’s enormously complex, its benefits are simple: the faster it reacts, the better it isolates.  The Ohio-Class XL+ has a performance advantage in this regard too.

More silence truly is more golden. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Ohio-Class XL+.

Should you change components, Silent Running Audio offers free lifetime recalibration of your Ohio-Class XL+ isoBASE to the original owner.  Recalibration is performed within the dimensions of the original chassis.

Because each is custom-crafted for the component it serves, an Ohio-Class XL+  platform will vary in size and weight. For detailed information, contact your dealer, distributor, or SRA directly. The standard color for all SRA isolation stands, is Gloss Black. Other colors may be available, but with additional lead times and cost.


All SRA products are shipped in custom-made and padded wooden crates.



SRA offers a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, to the original owner, providing that the product has not been damaged, abused or altered in any way.


Terms of Sale

Due to the bespoke nature of SRA products, they are not eligible for refund, return or exchange for any reason. Once orders are accepted and paid for, all sales are final.