Made for each other. Literally. Introducing Component Specific Design by Silent Running Audio.

Component Specific Design™ is a complex scientific construct that starts with the simplest of observations.

A turntable is not an amplifier.  A preamplifier is not a DAC.  You get the idea.

Each type of component generates, stores and releases energy in a completely different manner.  Moreover, each individual component has its own unique sonic fingerprint—its resonance frequency potential or “gearprint” if you will.

So why, then, would one expect a stand or rack designed without regard for any of these components—let alone yours specifically—to be equally effective at isolating all of them? After all, in any endeavor, “one-size-fits-all” solutions are hardly optimal.

At Silent Running Audio, our products are made for yours—specifically and exactly. Each is a custom-built, bespoke creation.

Utilizing state-of-the-art research tools, modeling methods and testing techniques, we tailor our stands and racks to your component’s size, weight, weight spread, resonance frequencies, transmission curves, propagation responses and material characteristics.

The result of this Component Specific Design methodology, whether judged by the metric of measurements or the raves of reviewers and audiophiles, is more pleasure from your audio system than you’ve ever before experienced. And a satisfying end to the wistful search for something, anything, that actually works. That has no discernible sound of its own.  And that finally, beautifully, allows your audio components to reveal the glory of their full potential.

What if you change those components?  Silent Running Audio offers free lifetime recalibration of its products to the original owner. Because a complete engineering solution leaves nothing out of the equation.  Including your long-term satisfaction.