Scuttle Mk2 & Mk3

Scuttle Mk2 & Mk3

We leveraged the advanced technologies used in the Craz Mk3 Reference™ to develop an affordably priced product that would easily outperform the competition’s most expensive offerings.

The Scuttle racks feature six-degree-of-freedom (6DOF) isolation systems and virtually no “self noise,” as Craz Mk3 Reference technology enabled us to eliminate the sound or “Q” of Scuttle’s framework.

Both the Scuttle Mk2™ and Scuttle Mk3™ are designed to break up and cancel vibrational energy in all its forms. This is accomplished by a multitude of means.

Each frame is comprised of a series of hardwoods, softwoods and composites. Each layer is bonded together with several specific SRA-developed viscoelastic adhesives, then milled on a CNC router.  For additional strength, a black phenolic resin covers two sides of each frame piece. This resin is milled in a specific pattern to break up surface-borne vibration.

The constrained-layer-damped structure that results from this elaborate construction process is not only an effective vibration attenuator, it’s strong enough to house multiple components weighing hundreds of pounds.

These components rest atop our proprietary Iso-Shelf ™ material. It is comprised of soft spherical nanoparticles, all existing in an irregular void matrix, within tiny vacuum pockets.

The Iso-Shelf acts like an array of “nets,” causing vibrational energy to use itself up as it attempts to proceed. Vibrations that slip through one net encounter succeedingly smaller nets until all energy is dissipated.

The Scuttle Mk2 is designed utilizing a process we call Problem Averaging. Based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA), this in-house designed modeling system targets vibrational challenges typical of high-end audio systems. The Scuttle Mk3 goes a step further, featuring our Component Specific Design™ technology. It also features the same user-adjustable, infinitely compliant Mass-Load-Support-System found in our Craz Mk3 Reference.

Put it all together—the advanced technology, heirloom-quality craftsmanship, superior performance, strikingly handsome appearance—and what you have is the perfect centerpiece of the finest high-end audio system. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Scuttle.

Scuttle Mk2 and Scuttle Mk3 racks feature our handsome Classic Lamination finish. Any Scuttle Mk2 can be upgraded to full Scuttle Mk3 status at any time.


Standard build sizes are:

    1. Scuttle Mk2 & Scuttle Mk3 /three-tier wide SIX (47.50″wide x 22.00″deep x 34″ to 36″high. 11.875″clearance between each of the lower two tiers.) This unit will hold/house six 19″wide components (+/- based on equipment size) with plenty of room for air circulation.
    2. Scuttle Mk2 & Scuttle Mk3 /three-tier THREE (30.00″wide x 22.00″deep x 34″ to 36″high. 11.875″clearance between each of the lower two tiers). This unit will hold/house three 19″wide components (+/- based on equipment size) with plenty of room for air circulation.


All SRA products are shipped in custom-made and padded wooden crates.



SRA offers a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, to the original owner, providing that the product has not been damaged, abused or altered in any way.
Terms of Sale

Due to the bespoke nature of SRA products, they are not eligible for refund, return or exchange for any reason. Once orders are accepted and paid for, all sales are final.