Craz Mk3 Reference

Craz Mk3 Reference

Realizing that a sonically accurate starting point is critical to optimal sound reproduction, we launched an intensive project that culminated in the Craz Mk3 Reference Rack™.

Designing the Craz Mk3 Reference Rack involved every facet of our technical backgrounds in psycho-acoustics, electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering. And took eight years.

It was not time wasted.

The Craz Mk3 Reference is a testament to determined engineering and materials design and application.  It delights us as much as anything we’ve ever created.

Nor have our efforts gone unrecognized.

The Craz Mk3 Reference has been universally lauded and occupies a place of honor in the homes of serious audiophiles and industry peers the world over.

With the assistance of our sister company PCC, a consultant and supplier of isolation products, systems and functional coatings to the Navy, Air force, NASA and other entities, we have been able to apply derivatives and test methods the details of which remain classified.

The Craz Mk3 Reference employs a variety of exciting new high-tech munitions, from its proprietary sound abatement and attenuation features, to its custom dampened footers and user-adjustable, infinitely compliant Mass-Load-Support-System™. It also boasts an assortment of cutting-edge developments unique among audiophile products.

At the heart of it all is our computer-modeled, fully dampened and tuned internal titanium iso-Skeleton™. The assemblies used to construct the iso-Skeleton are inserted into the Craz MK3’s vertical and horizontal wood members.

Our iso-Skeleton is comprised of multiple product-specific titanium tubes. Each is filled with a series of seven different damping compounds and each is designed to dampen and remove the sound of the wood framework. As a result of this process, the “Q,” or sound of the structure itself is simply not apparent.

Completing the Craz Mk3 Reference package is a new cutting-edge shelving material.  Not only did we develop the raw material in-house, we developed the associated processes that enable us to manufacture it in-house. It’s made up of soft spherical nanoparticles, all existing in an irregular void matrix, within tiny vacuum pockets. Conceptually it works like a series of increasingly smaller filters (or nets), each designed to capture what the previous filter (or net) failed to, in terms of any self-based, vibratory anomaly.  Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Craz Mk3 Reference.

Craz Mk3 Reference Racks are designed and built using:

  1. Sapele Mahogany
  2. Hard White Maple


Standard build sizes are:

  1. Three-tier double wide at: 47.50”wide x 22.00”deep x 33-34.00”high with 10.00”of clear useable spacing between each of the lower two tiers.
  2. Three-tier single wide at: 30.00”wide x 22.00”deep x 33-34.00”high with 10.00” of clear useable spacing between each of the lower two tiers.
  3. Custom sizes and configurations are available (at additional cost).


All SRA products are shipped in custom-made and padded wooden crates.



SRA offers a full lifetime warranty on all of its products, to the original owner, providing that the product has not been damaged, abused or altered in any way.
Terms of Sale

Due to the bespoke nature of SRA products, they are not eligible for refund, return or exchange for any reason. Once orders are accepted and paid for, all sales are final.