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Silent Running Audio, Isolation Products for Audio and Video Componentry

What do nuclear submarines and high-end audio equipment have in common? Both need to operate under conditions of optimal silence. Silence is what makes the latest SSN’s and SSBN's so effective as weapons of stealth. They are just about undetectable – the ultimate silent-running machines. State-of-the-art audio systems also demand silent running. Their only job is to reproduce music. Sounds extraneous to the audio signal are unwelcome intruders. Any vibration, whether emanating from a speaker or a transformer, affects an audio system’s output.

In the world of defense technology, silence has been a closely guarded secret. The implementation of the latest military technology in high-end audio products has been elusive – to say the least! SRA crosses that line.

Innovative Design + New Materials = SILENCE

We use only the finest materials. We test every aspect of design and construction extensively. Each SRA isoBASE is built by hand for the audio component it serves. We use remarkably few off-the-shelf parts.

Each isoBASE consists of a low-mass, rigid housing enclosing a center sub-assembly we call the raft. At the heart of the isoBASE a series of modules encapsulate proprietary, lab-developed damping materials. These customized modules are designed to control and cancel resonance within a given frequency range. Their ability to rapidly change cell structure in response to external factors makes the isoBASE the world’s most effective audio isolation device.

Here's What Happens

A movement or vibration creates friction in the module. Friction produces heat. Relative to the component’s weight, heat modifies the compound’s darometer, i.e., its softness or firmness when in a static state, in an anticipated manner. As vibrations pass through the modules, their amplitude gradually decreases until they dissipate entirely.

We design each platform precisely for the weight and weight distribution of the component it supports. Further, we take figure in our calculations the type of component the isoBASE serves – amplifier, preamplifier, tube or solid state; analog or digital; dynamic or electrostatic speaker, etc. And we also take into account the materials used in the component’s construction. Further, we ascertain the type of environment in which the isoBASE will operate. This too can make a difference (1see footnote). A great deal of calculation and forethought go into each SILENT RUNNING AUDIO isoBASE. And that’s why we call it Component Specific Design™.

1 Many advertising claims seem over the top because they are. From hi-fi’s inception, audio designers have been rewriting the laws of the physical universe. But consider: if your system is on a cement floor, in a basement listening room, say, it will react differently to vibration than if it’s arrayed on a suspended floor, e.g., in a living room, as it will on rack shelves. At the customer’s request, an Ohio Class XL plus platform is tweaked to accommodate these nuances. That’s why we ask where the sound system operates. Materials make a difference too. An equipment enclosure constructed from 1/8” inch-thick aluminum will have a different resonance frequency potential than the same enclosure constructed from 1/4” aluminum, or wood, or steel. To repeat: Component Specific Design.

*Prices, specifications, materials, finishes, etc., are subject to change without notice.*

"SRA VR Series isoBASE" with standard finsh
"SRA 3. 0 Ohio Class isoBASE with glossy yellow finish"
4 Craz Reference isoRACK

*All orders once accepted are final.

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