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Audiophiles Speak – An anthology of comments from users of SRA products

I’ve been trying to isolate gear from the surrounding environment for going on 20 years now with varying degrees of success. I’ve tried rigid coupling, decoupling, air suspensions, compliant footers, bearings, mass loading, chassis damping and more cones and support shelves than you can name. And the problem I’ve always encountered with them is that they have as much personality as the problems they are purportedly intended to address.

The Black Diamond stuff hypes the bass and treble. The air bladder bases fatten the bass and dull the highs. The cones invariably cause a host of brand / material specific frequency response aberrations. The roller bearings are hard, analytic and musically uninvolving. The wood footers and supports warm blur or artificially color everything that sits on them.

The air suspension racks are great for seismic isolation but ignore component coupling to the shelf material used in their construction which still causes odd resonant signatures added to the sounds of the components themselves. Plain old wood racks may sound nice in terms of their resonant character but dont isolate worth a damn. In short this is a field filled with sh*t, charlatans and well intentioned hobbyists who are empirically stumbling in the direction of that which is intuitive yet often half baked at best and based on precious little more than good luck and best guesses.

Now in the context of all this I stumbled upon SRA after noticing that quite a few people who owned some rather astoundingly articulate and transparent system were using this stuff. I decided to find out why. So I looked up the web site and spoke to the designer of my preamp (the Aesthetix Calisto) who had nothing but good things to say about Kevin Tellekamp’s products. He demo’d with them at several shows and many of his customers had enjoyed remarkable success with the SRA bases under his gear. He suggested I give Kevin a call and that’s what I did.

So one Friday night I called Kevin and picked his brain for about 3 hours learning everything about what he does and why he does it that I could. Now I’m no engineer. But I work in product development marketing, defining and specifying the designs for medical products in the medical device and diagnostics industries and I have been an active participant in numerous product development teams in the area of biological reagents and medical instrumentation.

This has meant that I’ve spent the past 17 years working daily with mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, biologists, immunologists, organic chemists and biochemists. In short, I have a pretty good sense of technology and its implementation and the scientific basis from which these various disciplines approach what they do. And over the years I’ve developed a pretty good technical bullsh*t meter. And you know what? After talking to Kevin for 3 hours I had the undeniable feeling that I was talking to someone who expended more raw scientific effort and thought in the development of isolation devices than I had encountered anywhere else in this hobby in 20 years. And by a wide margin.

Why did I feel this way? Well certain elements of the design approach simply demonstrated more careful thought and consideration than I had ever heard anyone expend in this area. And it was clear that Kevin came from a sound technical background in aerospace and military and civil vibration isolation and noise abatement. He was not a brainless empirical hobbyist with a single dimension solution. I had no idea if what he made actually worked but I was intrigued enough to try them in order to find out. What intrigued me about his designs?

Well they were entirely component specific. Each base is tailored to an individual component not only in terms of size but also weight and weight distribution. He kept the size of the bases as small as possible in order to minimize the surface area of the base subjected to acoustic excitation. The weight and weight distribution were critical because the compliance of the base was tailored specifically to these parameters of the individual component within 1 lb.

The compliant supports within the base were (as best I could determine from his descriptions) comprised of flexible bladders filled with a chemical compound which was very efficient at transmitting motion into heat. The number and sizes of these bladders are tailored to the distribution of the components weight according to models he has developed. The bases themselves are covered in an aggregate that include ground rubber and crushed glass to damp vibration and shield RFI.

The IsoBASES are assembled and filled under a nitrogen blanket in a fanatical attempt to keep all air out of them – as best as I could determine to prevent airbourne sound vibration from penetrating into the bases themselves (he seemed particularly concerned about this). And all this is boxed up in a custom wooden crate sized to the individual base and priced out at about the same price range of a Black Diamond Shelf or Source Shelf – which is nothing more than a slab with some carbon fiber bonded to it shipped in a cardboard box. Oh yes, another thing. Kevin made his own disdain for isolation devices that add a sound of their own bluntly apparent – he felt isolation gear should have no signature of its own.

I was intrigued. But I too had heard the “my rigid cone converts vibration to heat” story before and I couldn’t help but wonder if this was more of the same. But I decided to gamble and order a few bases to try. Why? My bullsh*t meter was not going off (quite the opposite in fact), several Aesthetix users were already using the bases with great success as were numerous LAMM owners (two lines of gear I am familiar with and have tremendous respect for) and I was sick of the isolation device flavor of the month club.

So when I received two bases for my Calisto power supplies and two more for my Wolcott amps I was eager to hear what they would do (or not do). And a funny thing happened when I tried them out. The tonal exaggerations I heard with every other shelf, footer and compliant support I tried seemed to pretty much go away. The soundstage deepened and became more layered and voices took on increased body, focus and palpability. And the system kept a consistent character irregardless of volume level.

Now this in and of itself is no small feat. My amps, preamp and power supplies put over 60 vacuum tubes within 5 feet of two speakers that happily put bass down in the 20s at levels that will shake the listening seat into a room only 18′ by 14′ by 8′. The only thing I’ve ever found that even approaches what these bases do is my Townshend Seismic Sink Rack (the old version with the dual air bladders, not the current simplified single bladder version) and the thing about the SRA audio isolation components is that it never goes flat with dropping temperatures and it doesn’t have the resonant flimsy MDF shelves you can hear so clearly on that unit. The SRA bases were simply more neutral.

So for the first time I really don’t hear the supports and can basically attribute the sounds I’m hearing to the gear itself. I’m off the equipment support tuning merry-go-round. Halleluiah.

So after all this when I log on this site and see a post from someone else who has discovered this stuff I’m not at all surprised by their enthusiasm. But then I read your post that said basically “I just don’t believe it” in a very popular forum that lots of people read and take lots more seriously that they should, where posts like yours can easily be misinterpreted and do manufacturers real damage as a result. After my experience with these products and your obvious lack of it – not to put to fine a point on it – I was pissed.

Yes, I understand your frustration with the garbage in this area of the hobby. But these guys don’t deserve this. In my experience they are about the only ones trying to get it right and in the process are addressing dimensions of the problem others in this area haven’t even recognized as issues yet.

They deserve better. And if you can’t understand why I’m frustrated with your comments I can’t say it any plainer than that.

Night and day differences between equipment supports? Yeah right, gimme a break.

At least that was my thinking before your rack arrived. I’d purchased it based on a bunch of conversations I’d had with your customer Joe and his experiences with his own Silent Running rack. He’d been through every support device known to man and found that yours was the only one that truly worked. Maybe because it was a thoroughly integrated system—not just an amalgamation of pucks, cones and bladders—where every element had been carefully considered, every material rigorously tested and auditioned.

Still, my only thought was “I just hope the rack doesn’t screw up the sound.” The reality was I didn’t think I’d be able to hear the difference anyway. I just liked the way your rack looked.

So here’s what happened when I put all my stuff on your CRAZ rack. The tweeters in my JM Lab Utopias, which up to that point I had believed were hot, stopped being hot. In fact, the sound coming out of those tweeters finally fell into balance with the rest of the frequency spectrum and became what it should have been all along—incredibly transparent, resolved and refined. Up to that point, I’d changed speaker positions, tubes and cables, all to no avail. Yet simply placing my electronics on your rack changed the frequency balance of the system, making it far more neutral. Not to mention more balanced, relaxed and enjoyable. I’d never have believed it if I hadn’t heard it. But I heard it and now, I believe, baby, I believe.

Great Products!!!

After hearing about Silent Running Audio in many of J-10’s latest reviews I decided to investigate, boy i’m glad I did! I can now see why he is calling SRA his new reference as far as audio isolation goes. Great audio isolation products, great people, great web site ( but most important, products that work! Anyone else out there lucky enough to land on these guys yet?

I agree with Riggs & also agree with Joe. If you are not speaking directly about SRA audio isolation products you are doing yourself & SRA an injustice! These guys go so far beyond what anyone else is doing it’s laughable! Do your self a favor, check out the request for quote page on their web site (, look at some of the information they ask for before building anything, they sweat the details! I personally have been using their audio isolation products for years…no “proof needed here!”
Jazz Man

Besides the individual contribution to a individual component (which is kind of dangers topic) SRA auido isolationproducts has an interesting influence to the way in which a system is organized in the more global way. Once again, this is applicable only to correction-not-required systems. For some reasons the SRAs make its own ways into those problem-free setups. It starts and a single audio isolation devise and ends up as a critical mass of SRAs in your audio system. I am glad that my system is explicitly built around those compulsive-performance products.
Rgs, Romy the Cat

I use a Laserbase rack for my front end (drive unit, DAC and linestage) to great satisfaction. It is a 3-level contraption which includes the o-rings and the “twinkle toes” which allows each level to rest on four small (1mm dia.) tungsten carbide balls in small cups of the same material (there are two cups, one above and one below the little ball. The surface contact area for the whole assembly is, as you can imagine, minute) in addition to the components being suspended by electrometric o-rings. It’s a clever system which seems to provide an unusual amount of isolation (I think? It’s difficult to measure and my impressions are purely subjective based on changes I perceive in sound quality). This stuff is not cheap…but it seems to work very well (better than any pneumatic system I’ve tried, but not quite as good as the Silent Running Audio isolation components. I combine both). I’ve also used them under my amps, but preferred the SRA bases for this purpose. BTW I’m also using the SRA’s audio isolation platforms under my speakers, and this makes for quite a substantial difference in performance (at least to my ears). Sorry for the length of this.
Good luck! –Lars

I currently use SRA vibration dampening platforms throughout my audio system (yes, under everything, including my Verity Parsifal Encore speakers) to great benefit. I have found them to be particularly effective under the digital drive and the speakers, but there is a noticeable effect also under the other audio system components. Seems to be a cumulative “cleaning up” of the soundspace with better image specificity in particular (i.e. less of a “halo” around the instruments, or “bleeding” of individual images, if that’s a better description).
Well worth trying out IMO.

Used in conjunction with my VAC Renaissance 30-30 MkIIIS amplifier, the Silent Running Audio Ohio class amp stand is an amazing product, the finest I have ever used in my high end system. Bass notes are particularly tight and well defined. Hearing “Use Me” by Patricia Barber (Companion album) was like listening to an all-new version – powerful, immediate and articulate. She was in the room! The SRA produces notes of power but with ease. The mids and highs are beautifully defined and clear, and the placement of voices and instruments is spot on. The soundstage is enormous. Yet there is an ease to the overall presentation that is entrancing. There is no better way to limit resonance and vibration. Beyond that, it is a beautiful piece of furniture – impeccably made and finished. I give it my highest recommendation.
James May Seattle, WA

Kevin, I still use the iso-bases—they’ve blended into the set-up nicely. I would say they squeeze out an additional 15% of improvement on the amps alone. In fact, I initially thought the lamms would start to smoke—I was getting so much detail in the low end. Anyway, just dropped by and thought I’d send you a short note.
Jim Martin Dallas, TX

Couple of years ago bought Cary 805 dedicated SRA OHIO-Cloass stands fro my mono amps (at $500! used but not a scratch) because I couldn’t pass up the price and have been VERY satisfied. I am VERY picky and can tell you that whoever made these had the same amps and listened to them on the stands at length, understood exactly what the amp was and had good ears. Only good things with the amps on the stands and at that point in my system, everything was highly synergized – meaning that putting anything in that wasn’t perfect would show up immediately. Highly recommended!

I also feel comfortable in recommending the Silent Running audio isolation platforms as effective and musically beneficial devices.

On the other hand, I could not, in good conscience recommend any sandbox or bladder device as the *improvements* in sonic qualities are negated by the deleterious effects to the fundamental musical qualities of pace, note shaping, timing and flow.
Best, Ken GreaterRanges/Neuance

Rec, i have had extensive exposure to the complete line of SRA vibration dampening products, for several year’s know. I cant even think of any isolation product at any price than can come close. The integrity and ability of this product has no equal!. In this day of cheap crap! this guy “Kevin Tellekamp”is the best kept secret in the biz of “high end.” Do your audio/video system and your “faith” a favor and give this fellow a ring.

I have an SRA Ohio Base amp stand – spectacular. Beautifully made (and looking), it tightened up the bass in ways I’ve never heard before. Overall resolution improved throughout the spectrum. Kevin Tellekamp a great guy to work with; very responsive and helpful. Look into Silent Running isolation equipment.

Hi Kevin,

My SRA stand arrived last week but I had the Flu and was unable to test drive it until yesterday. WOW, nicely done on your part.

It was a huge improvement. The sound stage expanded, the speakers disappeared a bit more, the bass became more tuneful focused and extended, there was a better separation of instruments and voice throughout the sound stage and Larry had a big grin plastered on his face.

I am thinking about possibly adding another stand to put under either my Ensemble Isolink Duo power transformer or the Electrocompaniet CD Player. Which component would benefit more from the addition of another stand?

I was looking at the Bright Star sandboxes and air mass or the Silent Running Audio audio isolation platform. Everyone recommended Silent Running Audio high end audio isolation components, I called them and talked with the owner and ordered one. It has been in my system for about 2 weeks now and I can say that it is a significant improvement in every way. I recommend calling and talking to Kevin and telling him your problem and ask him if his product will help.

Hi Kevin,

We just put the new SRA stand under the Ensemble Isolink Duo and instantly heard a very significant improvement in the sound. The bass that was already nicely controlled (or so I thought) tightened up, we gained more detail throughout the audio spectrum, the instruments were more clearly defined and they sounded more like they would in person, improved separation of voice and instruments, the sound stage grew slightly larger, more air and warmth.

Congratulations, we were just stunned with the improvement and I was really caught off guard. I think tonight’s listen has me ready to have you start on the making the SRA stand for the Sim Audio Moon P-5 stand. Please remember that it has two pieces ( a power box and a controller box that sits on top of the power box).

Please let me know the cost and what information you need to build the suspension system for the Sim Audio Moon P-5 stand.
Best Regards, Larry Howkins

I received the platforms today in fine shape. They have been “installed” in my system and are incredibly effective. I’m very pleased with the results! The resolution my components are capable of is now more apparent than ever.
Best Regards, Emil Huang

Bro, I LOVE IT!!! And the build quality / aesthetics is there too. I definitely will be recommending these to my friends!
Richard Chang


Your IsoBASE is very very good! I love it!
Thanks & Regards, Nathawut

Dear Kevin,

Yes indeed, the TremorLess does sound quite nice! I’d like to order three more!
Galen Carol Galen Carol Audio

Hi Kevin:

All is well here, everything is set up…it’s awesome! The stands are perfect. The sound improvement is very noticeable, particularly in the low end. Unbelievable low end out of the Lamms through the Wilson speakers. I am very pleased; and so is my wife!
Thanks for all your help,

Van D.


The bases made an easily discerned difference on the Wolcotts. The bass definition was much better for drums and it increased the focus on voices. I am happy with the improvement!

Thanks, Kelley Pace


I had a very hectic weekend so I didn’t really finish installing everything till today. I want to thank you for taking time this weekend to deliver the goods to me. I am astounded by the isoBASE thought my system was already high in resolution, but your products brought even more clarity to my system. Pace-excellent, transient response-excellent, frequency response-balanced and extended. The soundstage seems more focused, the system seems more relaxed and free from any strain but without any sense of slowing. Bravo! I do think SRA should have wider exposure in the audiophile community.

Thanks again, Jon

Hi Kevin,

I received today the two isoBASES. After two seconds, I have been very very impressed by the result. I now realize that the Finite element were making my system sound hard. I have now much more transparency, bass is extended, and I can tell that the all spectrum is more detailed and is working much much better! You have a real great product!!!!

Last thing, please proceed with the DAC6 shelve. I am now in the hurry to get it.

Kind regards. Stephane


Everything sounds great! I haven’t had much time to listen (I hate it when work gets in the way!)Anyway, the biggest improvement seems to be the music’s foundation. Everything just sounds fuller, richer and more robust.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again, Brian


I will say this about the isoBASES. They were very easy and took hardly any time to set up properly. I had the Tenor 300’s on the carpeted floor. I was quite satisfied in what I was hearing with them lying there bare on the carpeted floor but when I put them on isoBASES the change was not subtle. Even my wife heard the change. The base was tighter and lower and cleaner. The soundstage got my attention too because it sounded more focused to my ears. I was getting more information out of the amps. If I can get this out of the VR series I wonder what one would get with the Ohio class. To these ears I highly recommend the VR series.

That is how I really feel and hear with your isoBASES Kevin. Frank was right when he said I will be very happy with what I would hear.

I hope you had a nice New Years Day and that the New Year brings you happiness and great success!

Best Regards, Mike


Thanks for the quick reply. I am indeed fortunate to have Frank as a friend. As you know, he is probably one of the coolest guys on the planet. He speaks very highly of you as well (both personally and professionally).

I can’t tell you how floored I was when he switched from the VR’s to the Ohio class under the tenor hybrids. I could tell right away- a significant improvement in soundstage precision, overall finesse and the tightest, earth shattering bass i have heard from any system. I didn’t realize he changed them when I sat to listen. I asked him, “What the hell did you change? Power cords? IC’s? Speaker cable? Is there a new component hiding in there?” He chuckled of course and replied ‘Kevin is the man! Indeed.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity you are offering me. I can’t wait to put one under the Krell and the Hovland preamp (although I may try a few other preamps before I pause the insane audiophile junkie journey I am undertaking). At any rate the FPB 600 weighs 180lbs. and dimensions are 19″ wide by 25.6″ deep (according to the manual).

Let me know what the next step is and really, thank you again. I can’t wait to be an official SRA junkie!

Regards, Brian Rhudy

Hi ya Kevin,

How are you and how have you been?

I was out most of Saturday but on Sunday I was able to get my audio fix. I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what I think of the stands and the rack. I must say that after a day or so it changed for the better -shall I say way better. I think I am getting every shred of musical information out of my sources and amps. Everything sounds so crystal clear, dynamic, airy like I have upgraded something other than my rack and stands. It has never sounded this good! I know it is because of your superior stands and the Craz4 that have given me this latest audio joy! One has to hear it to believe it in how isolation works and I have always been a believer but this just reinforces my belief. One CD after another be it Redbook or SACD I am hearing things that I could not hear quite clearly before. It is fun to listen to CD’s that I have not played in a while as they sound better than I remember.

I have a gentleman coming over on Thursday to listen to my system. I was introduced to him by Jonathan and Frank knows him too. His name is Randy and he fixes and tunes and I believe collects saxophones. He has the Tenor 75’s and wants to hear the hybrids and Meitner gear as he has the DCC2 coming his way. I want to get his take on everything because there are very few audiophiles out here. I asked him to bring his favorite recordings and any others who might enjoy a day of listening to music.

Anyway, I just want to thank you again for the beautiful rack and stands. They are not only stunning in their looks but they work like they were designed to do. I am very happy indeed!

Talk to you soon!

Best Regards, Mike

Now let me tell you that that rack is the best looking rack I have ever seen. My Father in-law and I looked at and he said that there is lot of work that went in to making that. Kevin, I am in awe. It’s gorgeous, totally stunning. I took my other stuff out of the Zoethecus and it was really laughable in the difference in quality when they stood side by side. Also, the Ohio’s are much lighter than the VR’s. They are beautiful Kevin!

I did not get a chance to listen much yet because it took me a while to figure out why I wasn’t hearing anything. I thought I had a problem with my fiber optic cable so I spent a lot of time cleaning it and still nothing. I finally saw the problem on the DAC6 when I had mistakenly connected the balanced cables in channel 5 and 6 instead of 1 and 2. I figure that out when I put an SACD in and it played in surround and I figured it out right away.

When I get home tonight I will be listening a lot. I am not using the Aurios anymore. I thought I would just set everything on the granite. Kevin, I want to thank you for a job well done and I will tell you what I hear after I listen tonight. Everything is perfect and I am extremely happy!!! Thank you! Thank you!

Best Regards,


I GOT THE BASES !!!!!!!!!!

Kevin, I got the bases today, they look great, special the Ohio Class XL+,I just installed them and listened for about one hour and this is my first impression:

The sound is cleaner, there is more detail and resolution in the highs and in the midrange, I felt that the bass is cleaner too, I need expend more time listening to tell you more.

Thank you very much for your support!

Best regards, Your friend Jorge Garcia Instalaciones Mecanicas Aplicadas C.A. Venezuela

I received everything yesterday, and put the platforms (except for the phono power supply) in place–I put on a CD I’ve been using lately for evaluation, nothing special, and ended up listening to the whole thing, a couple of times getting chills down my spine? Who made the speakers disappear? Your product is amazing. thanks


Well…it would appear that the noise floor has dropped again! There seems to be more space between the instruments, the treble is crisper and the transients and decay are more natural…To sum up the change,the finer details of the music have been unveiled and the bass is more powerful, deeper and tighter….

Steve L.

The company is great to work with and is helmed by a good dude!

D. Derrick

Well, if I’d known how much of an improvement the Ohio-Class isoBASES were going to make to my system, I would’ve been a lot more pushy and boorish these last couple of months.

Thanks again for all your hard work.

Dear SRA/Kevin:

I apologize for taking so long to give you feedback on the Craz and Isobase units but I wanted to evaluate your products over a period of time to do them justice.

I’ve tried numerous isolation devices, whether situating my components on maple wood, carbon, machined footers or floating them on air. I’ve discovered that they don’t work as they should and seem like they are just stumbled upon solutions with no real design principles and science applicable to the reproduction of music.

In the past, I have taken the position those component manufacturers should and must have incorporated isolation principles into their designs. But apparently, this is not the case as most manufacturers
are only capable of dealing with electronic circuitry.

When I used the SRA devices in my system the results were quite unexpected. I had no idea how much difference these products would make. Previously, I would listen to my system and experience some fatigue, leanness and basically analyze the music in typical audiophile fashion.

Well, it is all about the music with these things – no chicanery or funny business. That’s about the best compliment I can give to a product. Specifics? The biggest shock I discovered was the difference it made to digitally reproduced music. No more glare, fatigue and glassiness.

There is one unfortunate side effect. Products like yours can instill A bit of arrogance when it comes to discussing the capability of one’s system. You see, only a handful of products in audiophile existence
are that capable. Some of them are megabuck, some of them are not, some of them are OOP, some of them are in production. Fortunately, your products are “no brainers,” relatively affordable and in production for the foreseeable future.

It is readily apparent your products were created with deliberate thought and execution based on REAL applicable knowledge. I have no reservations about recommending them to anyone- they are one of the
rare audio components in existence that I can confidently say are “THE BEST” in what they do.

Perhaps in the future all manufacturers will collaborate throughout the design stages with SRA to create even better products. But for now THIS IS IT. Thank you.



Hi Tim,

I just wanted to give you a couple of my impressions from a brief listen of some things I had listened to just the day before. The improvement is definitely noticeable! The background is quieter and everything is a little cleaner and better focused. The bass is tighter and a littler deeper. This makes me want to turn the volume up a little!

I believe this has been a worthwhile addition and worth the wait! I am looking forward to enjoying my vinyl collection even more! Thanks again!



I’ve had a chance to listen to my system for a few days now with the VR 3.0 under my Primare CD player, and I can only say this: how do you guys do it? How does a “simple” anti-vibration platform influence the sound in such a positive manner? I can only describe what differences I hear without resorting to the ridiculous jargon used in most audio reviews… I was very happy with my CD player as is, but the difference now is what I can only described as a much more sophisticated sound (more finesse) – I feel it is simply bringing out the best qualities in my CD player. I would like to thank you for a well executed product, and impeccable service!Great looks, great job!



I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of the base with my VPI. It has really tightened up the sound! The noise floor is lower and the bass is cleaner and tighter. I have about 3-4 hours of listening under my belt and I have noticed an improvement on every album! It is like I upgraded my cartridge, or another component or cable. I have been playing mostly recordings I had recently listened to before installing the base and they all sounded better to me.

The base was a great addition and does exactly what you and your literature and the reviews says it does. Thanks for everything!



I thought I would relay to you my observations regarding the changes in the sound of my system that occurred as a result of isolating my amps with your OCXL+ units. The impact on the sound of my system was nothing short of dramatic. I immediately noticed a greater clarity and overall sense of relaxation throughout the frequency spectrum. Transients and decay are more crisp and natural. This is particularly noticeable with percussion instruments (including cymbals). What is clear with hindsight is that there was a sonic “smearing” of sorts that was occurring in my system prior to the installation of the OCXL+ IsoBases due to the previous lack of isolation of the CAT amps.

In addition to these observations, I found that there was another even more dramatic improvement in sound that was completely unexpected. As background, I have room nodes that excite and accentuate bass frequencies in the 25Hz to 40 Hz range. Prior to the installation of the OCXL+ units, these room nodes caused my system to produce a “hump” in frequency response of between 5dB and 7.5dB at these frequencies. These room node problems were evident when listening to upright bass in small group jazz, for example. In listening to my system after the installation of the OCXL+ units, I found that these room node problems seemed to have essentially disappeared. To verify what I was hearing in the subjective listening experience, I used an SPL meter to make new frequency response measurements of my system, and I compared the results to the benchmark measurements that I had taken prior to the installation of the OCXL+ units. I found that the bass “hump” had been reduced to a 2dB to 4dB hump. My conclusion based on the subjective listening experience and the cold, hard frequency response measurements is that the isolation of my amps with your flagship product has caused a fundamental change in the bass frequency response of my system, resulting in much more linear frequency response.

I was not previously aware that the lack of isolation could cause an amplifier to exaggerate the amplification of a particular frequency. What I suspect was occurring is that a feedback loop was forming between the CAT amps and my room node that was causing an exaggeration (at least a doubling in amplitude) of my bass hump. In summary, the OCXL+ units have reduced my room node problems to a very manageable level. I did not previously think that this sort of a change would be possible without the assistance of a parametric equalizer or substantial modifications to my listening room. To say that this improvement in the linearity of my bass response was a welcome change would be an understatement. As a result of the moderation of the room node problem, I can say with certainty that the performance of your product has far exceeded my expectations.

I can’t wait to get my equipment rack finished so I can install the VR units under my front end components. Can I expect another significant leap in performance at that point? It is hard for me to believe that another improvement of the magnitude of what I heard with the isolation of the amps is possible. However, I am interested in your perspective on what I might expect.

Best regards,

– Bob

Hi Tim,

All I can say is “wow” the effect of the Ohio Class isobase under the L2 is tremendous. Images are much more vivid with increased transparency. To me it is very noticeable on stringed instruments such as guitar or mandolin which seemed to increase focus and clarity beyond what I thought possible. The same for the bass which seems to have a huge increase in low level definition. This is really good stuff and now I can’t wait until I can get your products under the rest of my system.

Tim, I will contact you when I am ready!

dmailer (Audiogon)

Kevin –

I thought you might be interested in my latest listening experiences since the temporary installation of my new rack over this past weekend. On Thursday, we set the steel frame of the rack into the wall cavity at my house, and we outfitted it with temporary wooden shelves (3/4″ MDF coupled to the steel frame with felt pads). (I won’t have my other shelves for at least another week or two.) On Friday evening I moved all of my audio equipment onto the new rack, including the VR isolation bases for my front end components. On Saturday and on Sunday, I spent some time doing some critical listening. Here is a summary of the changes in the sound of my system as a result of the new set-up:

1. Imaging – The imaging of the system has improved substantially, especially for off-axis listening. Prior to the new rack and VR units being installed, the sweet spot of my system was quite narrow, and this has always been the case ever since I set my system up for true nearfield listening (8-1/2 feet from listener to each speaker, 6-1/2 feet between the speakers). Somehow the recent changes to my system have created excellent imaging outside the sweet spot (roughly 30 degrees or more off axis) where imaging was previously nonexistent. This is a very welcome change.

2. Higher Resolution – I have noticed that my system seems to be producing sound with less of a sense of strain than was previously the case. It sounds as if some form of insidious distortion has been eliminated from the audio signal, resulting in higher resolution and less of a feeling of strain on dynamic peaks. During the course of the party that we hosted on Saturday night, I also noticed that the fidelity of the sound that permeates through the doorways of my listening room to the other rooms of the house improved noticeably. This seems like a strange thing to mention, but it has been my experience that the sound of an audio system from adjoining rooms can be very telling of the fidelity of the system. As a result of the new rack and VR platforms, the sound of the system in the adjoining rooms of my house is more natural and balanced across the frequency spectrum.

3. Noise Floor – The noise floor of my analog playback system has improved significantly. I attribute this to two factors: (a) My turntable now resides on a much more stable and high mass platform, and (b) The Manley Steelhead and its power supply are presumably benefiting form the same stable platform in addition their VR isoBASES.

I am wondering whether there will be further noticeable improvement in the sound of my system with the completion of my project, including:

1. New Footers – The new rack is currently sitting on four blunt 1-inch diameter footers. As we discussed in our correspondence a couple of weeks ago, these footers will be replaced with spiked footers that we will be milling from solid threaded steel. Hopefully this change will result in less energy being transferred from my suspended wood floor to the audio components.

2. New Shelves – Hopefully the new shelves will bring about a noticeable improvement in sound as compared with the temporary MDF shelving I am currently using.

3. Fill – I will be filling the four hollow vertical steel posts of my rack with sand or lead, which should result in the addition of mass and the elimination of some “ringing” that is surely occurring with the rack in its current state.

4. Shelf Coupling Material – We will be using some sort of cheap rubber to couple the shelves to the steel frame. When you eventually set me up with your shelf backing material, that should presumably bring about some improvement.

5. New VR isoBASE for Turntable – The replacement of my BrightStar sand/air bladder turntable isolation platform with one of your VR isoBASES should hopefully bring about a further reduction in the noise floor of my analog playback system.

Thoughts and comments?

Best regards,

– Bob


What a wonderful base. It is superior to anything I have tried! I love it with my ARC VT100 mkII amp. Should I buy the next one for my ARC CD3 or for my LS25 preamp?

I’d love a price quote on both, and please give me the best price you can. Also, do I need to use, or would the pre amp benefit from the little bricks placed on top. How about the CD player?

Please educate me!


Hello Chris, Tim or whoever,

Rob here, I wanted to let you know that my recently acquired VR series 3.0 for my Wadia 860x is one incredible piece of equipment. At first I wasn’t sure what differences I was hearing and after about 15 minutes realized that the Bass had become more 3 dimensional, firmer and more rounded. Other less describable changes occurred that I can’t relate in words. Suffice it to say that the improvement is significant beyond wordsmithing. Thank you!

A fellow music lover and appreciater of contributions to aforesaid all….

PS There will be future SRA orders…………….

Hi Tim,

I heard a real improvement with your stand. The sound seems less ‘electronic’ and is smoother with less grain, I’m very happy.


Tim –

My first day report: Instant impact – the bass was fuller, deeper, and more detailed, all at the same time. The rest of the spectrum became more relaxed, with more instrumental separation, as well as more space. The entire presentation took on more weight also, which for me is very important. All in all, I had the most enjoyable listening session last night that I have had in some time. One result was that I listened to records start to finish, both sides. That is always a good sign with me. Really great – and I expect it to get even better, as you suggest, based on settling time. So, when are the others coming?


Tim, the results are spectacular! Referring to your isolation
products as tweaking would be a disservice. Your products make a
substantive difference.

Best Regards,

– J

This Ohio-Class XL+ is incredible! I thought I would not hear a significant improvement over my current setup. But right away, I hear better/higher resolution and firmer base. The music becomes a lot more involving, way beyond what I had expected. Same as Hydra 8, the Ohio-Class XL+ brings a satisfying upgrade to my system. Yet, one would think, like I did, the SRA is just a base for the “component.”
Together, their performance really shines!

I also like the appearance of my Ohio-Class XL+. It blends in with my interior decoration well. That was why I am considering SRA in the first place.

I will consider SRA or even Ohio-Class XL+ directly, before research on other vibration control equipment the next time. I will definitely check in with you guys soon. Keep me updated, too.

Best Regards,

George Yen

I’m impressed–and it takes a lot to impress me. The stands are gorgeous–aesthetically a real addition to the system. I was prepared for this. I have seen your work and I knew they would look good–they were beyond that however, they look kind of like the perfect finish on a grand piano. And you’re telling me these are the matt finished ones? I can only imagine that I would need sunglasses to own the gloss finish ones!

Now for the sound. I expected better bass extension and definition up through the mid bass. That’s exactly what I got, but with that (and I should have known this) I got much better layering and image depth through the mids and treble. What I really enjoyed was better deliniation of individual instruments. This is really remarkable because my room is not yet completed in terms of acoustical treatment (yes, those that do this for a living are the last to benefit from it–you probably waited longer than anyone to get your own SRA racks). Thus I can only imagine that had the room been complete, the significance of adding the stands would have been even greater!



After hearing the results from your entry level product, I’m anxious to hear the VR. At first I was lukewarm on the Tremor/Less but after making several adjustments to my system due to the additional resolution the platform added, I’m very pleased with it. Obviously like just about all of the other comments I’ve read on your products, the bass in my system is the best it’s ever been. I can now understand words in songs that before were just a blur. Maybe the fundamental harmonics make the upper frequencies sound more complete I don’t know, but whatever it is I like it. Thanks for creating these great products.

– Steve

Well, what shall I say?!?

I received the crate yesterday (almost three months after my order) but it was certainly worth the wait. It was the Best packed Best looking Best arranged Best working Best EVERYTHING piece of equipment I have ever received in my whole life. Really Many Compliments. I am so happy for my purchase!!!!



Got my unit and even though i busted a staple getting upstairs it was worth it, it helps that my son in law is a doc! Wow!!!! hot damn!!!! or as they say in nc, sumbitch. i have been an audiophile for thirty five years and have made more changes and updates to my system than i care to remember, but this unit beats anything but a few speakers in terms of non subtle positive overall improvement in my system, even my talented but tone deaf son in law heard the difference. i thought then and still feel, that the levinson 31.5 had the best platter isolation of any cd player at any price but the sra unit improved it tenfold! what an accomplishment! My dealer, Audio Advice in Raleigh nc, delivered my new levinson 432 yesterday and after playing with your unit all night i was dying to demo it for them. Both the tech and the sales mgr {Gregg Scott} were amazed!

Thanks, Irv

Very, very nice. It’s heavier than I thought it would be… quite nicely made. I love the way it fits, like it came with the VAC amp. I understand it takes a little while to settle in, but it sounds great so far. Will you make me one for my dCS Verdi transport?


Hey Tim:

Just wanted to follow up regarding the unit for my Equi-Tech, now that I’ve installed the pre-base. Once again, the results of your equipment seem to defy logic – it’s made a very nice improvement, and this is just with my power line conditioner!

Thanks again for a job well done.



After further listening, I’m amazed at the fullness the stand imparts to all parts of the spectrum, especially the bass. Everything seems bigger, with more sock, and vocals are clear and solid—no more of that diffuse edge around them… the only things vibrating are the speaker cones and vocal cords. I am a little bit stunned that this much improvement can come from an amp stand. Please give me a price on the two and three inchers, especially if the 3” model will not need the dual layers. It’s going on a shelf.


So, I have the head amp base and it made a tremendous difference….Impact to bass performance was the most significant. Tighter and more powerful, if you can believe headphones can produce bass….Also it seems as though instruments were brought into tighter focus within space….I am always astonished by the improvements your magic makes on the music….


My platforms are working out wonderfully. I was a little skeptical about how much more improvement I could get after the amazing transformation with the amp stand, but with one under the Verdi now, the noise floor has dropped out completely, bass is deeper and better defined, images are fleshier. And all without changing the system’s sonic signature, thankfully. More detail and more warmth at the same time is quite a trick. The NHL hockey pucks I thought were such a clever $2 tweak were killing me! Next up is replacing the Vibrapods under my Delius with another platform. These bases are truly great, and should be standard issue with every component sold!


Dear Tim,

At last I can mail you the promised update:

This weekend I have installed the platforms Tremor/Less. Friday evening I started with the smaller one under the CD-transport. From the first notes on I was pleasantly suprised. At first I did not want to believe the improvements that I heard were for real, because it could be wishful thinking. But I am happy that my ears and brain were not fooling me.

My CD-transport is already built like a tank, with a weight of 15 kgs (= 33 lbs). At first I noticed the Tremor/Less improved the timing considerably in the whole frequency range, also improved spaciousness, resolution and deeper bass. The sound became more musical.

Next day I could not wait to install the bigger platform under my heavy integrated amp (41 pounds). At first I did not hear the huge improvements I experienced the previous day with the CD-player. Listening more to radio (without a platform) and cd’s made me realize that I get more pleasure from music, voices have become even more natural, piano and string sound more real, silent backgrounds are now darker. I get more drawn into the music, much more emotion comes through.

I have to say that buying the two Tremor/Less platforms is a very solid purchase, because I am sure that I will enjoy the Tremor/Less for a long time to come. Thank you for enhancing my musical enjoyment.

My audio buddies also want to try these platforms with different equipment and in their own sets, I am curious to the outcome. If there is anyone in my region who wants to hear the benefits of these products, you can give them my contact details below, so he/she can form their own opinions.

Thank you again.

Best Regards

Rudi van Bommel


Not only the SRA bases are neutral and discretes but really my sound is really pure ,clear,authentic and plenty of life. Actually, when I hear rebecca pidgeon I t seems for me that I’m in the studio with her, when I hear la nozze de figaro, i have the sonic and visual impression to sit down in the opera, when I hear bach organ peaces, I am in the church, what can i expect more. I’m not sure that sra permits all that alone but clearly it cntributes in an large way thanks a lot and bravo for your competence.

Paris France


I am very impressed with the SRA VR 3.0 Isobase Stand for my Audiomat Prelude.
I am a firm believer in system simplicity and synergy – my system consists of audio components that the designers used to voice each of the products in turn – the Vecteur CDP, the Audiomat amp and the Equation speakers.

For stands, I am of the opinion that a majority of them improve some attributes and invariably degrade others – the most common fault being an improvement in bass weight while slowing speed – even various power conditioners do this. This is what I call a low ratio of component signature to stand signature – meaning while the stand lets the component express some of its qualities better, the stand itself doesn’t get out of the way enough, imposing its signature in many other areas.

I have demoed stands for well over 2 years now (stands from companies name A, B, T, Z etc.) for my Prelude as you know, and the SRA went against an amp stand that had the best compromises and handily beat it.
I wanted to demo it longer, but that’s simply not needed in this case. After setting it aside for a couple of days, these are the results I obtained after placing it under my amp:

1. More bass weight and extension, while still being tightly delineated and fast, more than that, the bass almost sounds illuminated.
2. Midrange is more natural (my previous stand while good was imposing a bluish tinge, so at first perception the midrange sounded a tad warm, but with extended listening it became obvious that this was only by contrast and that it was a more natural presentation).
3. Highs are airy, delicate and very transparent. Cymbals shimmer exquisitely.

But holistically, the music is so good to listen to, that I have a hard time evaluating other aspects like soundstage width, depth etc. Those qualities have all been enhanced as well, on recordings that do have them. For example, On Hotel California, from the Hell Freezes Over cd, the soundstage literally wraps around me and I sit 9 feet away from the speakers.

Well, is this all the stand’s doing ? Obviously, the system is capable of doing a phenomenal job, and this is the first stand that lets the system perform as intended, meaning it gets out of the way the most.

In short, a fabulous product and count me impressed. At $585, its not cheap, but I believe I’ve finally found the stand worthy of mating with my amp. Every Audiomat owner needs to audition one of the SRA stands for their amp. I also appreciate the efforts you guys put into crating your products, so that they arrive in the shape they were designed.

As I told you before, since the stand worked out, I now have some questions about getting a SRA stand designed for my Vecteur CDP. I will send these out in a later email.

Boston, MA

Hi Tim:

Just wanted to let you know that my new Ohio-Class isoBASE is performing as expected – wonderfully! This is the FOURTH isoBASE I’ve purchased from SRA, and my first Ohio-Class, and the upgrade was definitely worth it. I can only describe it as I’ve described your products before, and that is, they seem to bring out the best
qualities in my components. I’m using this particular base under my Marantz Reference Integrated amp, and the results are excellent – my music simply sounds better (not that it sounded bad in the first place). I truly feel this was worth spending my hard earned cash on, and I think this is the best compliment I can give your products. Of
course, as I mentioned before, it is simply gorgeous, with impeccable build quality.

Thank you,

Tim, Hello,

WOW, I guess I didn’t know what to expect. I read all the reviews & talked to a few agone members, But I really didn’t expect much of an improvement. Boy was I surprised and its only been a couple of hours since I got everything hooked back up. I could tell instantly that they made a marked improvement. Thank you, my search for great isolation is over . Can’t wait to put them under everything. Let me know.
Back to the Music
Thanks Again


Tim, Hi, Just wanted to give you an update on the VR Platforms. They are awesome! I’ve had them in my system for a month now, they are a marked difference over what I was using. The VR Series looks great to. Thank You.


Hi Tim
I have just put the VR Isobase unit under the WAVAC power amplifier, wow!! From the first note, the tone was more natural, and inner detail from tracks I thought I new completely have taken on a more relaxed and natural presentation.Thank you for designing these awesome bases!

My client Neville is very excited to get his shipment as I have already updated him on my improvements.

Also, I have updated my web site now with SRA on the Accessory page, plus a new home page photo.

All the best,

Hi Tim,

I am really liking what the VR 3.0 is doing for my turntable. My listening room is on older wood floors and prior to the VR3, I could hear a thumping sound from my speakers when I approached the turntable to change sides or a recording. My footsteps were being transmitted through the floor boards up through the tonearm, etc. and back out of the speakers. With the new platform, that irritation has disappeared! I tried to induce some feedback the other day and I was literally stomping on the floor to get some noise through the speakers, but nothing was coming through! Quite a remarkable achievement! The sound of course has improved in all parameters. Now I am thinking about a platform for my amp – a Butler 2250.


Hi Tim

I am enjoying the benefits of the OCXL+ units which now have resulted in a phenomenal 3 dimensionality of the musical presentation. Microdetail retrieval and tightness of bass is also very enjoyable and impressive.


Zarir N.

KT, the isolation base showed up on Friday morning. I was not sure what to expect in the way of sonic changes since this is the first time I have experimented with isolation for a solid state amplifier. Needless to say I was very pleased with what I heard this weekend. The most obvious difference that the isolation base made was a sense of relaxation and ease of presentation during peak music passages. Given my fondness for orchestral music, this is a very important performance characteristic for me. Orchestral peaks now sound very natural and much less “forced.”

Best regards,


Hello To all at SRA,

I am just writting you all for quietly making all my equipment sound better!

I have been in the Audio business for over 30 years and have owned several of the big named brands, from rollor blocks, to badders and bearings, which all seemed to work in changing the character of that piece of equipment.

The first thing I noticed was that the Bass was fuller and more articulate, within the first 8 hours you can really notice improvement
as the VR platforms settle in. I noticed the detail and articulation from front to back which leaves one with a much more live presentation. One other thing is that when you turn up the volume the presentation stays rock steady, before things would get a little fuzzy as my rack is within 3 feet of the speakers.
Even with my new Zu subwoofer (which rattles the house), the images stay put. These platforms are very competitive in price and a no brainier for performance. Every element of the audio chain was improved. Just when I thought things were as good as can be in my listening room, they are now better, great stuff!

Paul J Letteri.

Hifidelityaudio – U.K

Paul Letteri
Hifidelity Audio U.K. (Dealer)

Dear Paul,

I recently took delivery of the SRA VR Series isolation platform, which was made for my Bluenote Stibbert Mk2 Improved CD player.

I am pleased to report quite remarkable sonic improvements that it has brought in my high resolution stereo system.

The Bluenote Stibbert is widely acclaimed as one of the finest CD players made, regardless of cost. With it’s turntable like suspension and valve output stage it allows”red book CD” to enter the territory of the finest vinyl playback systems. I was surprised therefore to hear such wide-ranging improvements when sited under this CD player, bringing a new level of performance to CD playback.

The manufacturers state that it takes 2 days to settle in after transit, and I can confirm this. It was enlightening to hear the sound quality change, especially over the first few hours.

In simple terms, the sound becomes significantly more natural, coherent and seamless across the frequency band; removing any residual hardness, electronic glaze or other artifacts from the sound. The soundstage improves, especially in focus, dimensionality and dynamics. Low level detail becomes more apparent, allowing much more of the natural timber and micro-dynamics of both instruments and voices to be heard.

Most importantly, it makes music sound more “alive” and “immediate”; enhancing the sense of listening to a “real performance in an acoustic space”, rather than just a “hifi spectacular”. It does this to a degree, even with poorly recorded material, making one listen to the music and performance rather than to the limitations of the actual sound.

Over the years I have owned and auditioned a whole range of devices of widely different design, all suggesting solutions and massive improvements. The market is full of such companies, who claim “years of research and development” and often charging grossly excessive prices. Many do not seem to have any real understanding of the basic laws of physics concerning the transmission and grounding of vibrational energy. The reality is that they do not solve the problems, they just push them in another direction ( they make the sound different but not better ).

These SRA platforms are beautifully built, look terrific under the equipment and are not precarious to use. Although not cheap, these platforms represent astonishing performance improvements for the price. I would go as far to say that one should not make any sonic judgements on equipment, before adding an SRA platform.

Personally, I would vote this platform as my “Accessory Component of the Year.” It is simply that good.

Ian Coulling

South Croydon – Surrey

Hi Tim,

The Craz is beautifully constructed and, I believe, beautiful as well. Moreover, the sonic improvements it affords are really quite impressive. If one can stand the tarriff, beyond that, it’s all good.

Thanks again,


Hi Tim,

I now have both the VR Series 3.0 and the 2.0 setup.I am very happy with > both units. The music just flows as never before and the emotional enjoyment is real. SRA = real magic.

Thanks again for your great support and service


Hey Tim, I love my new amp stands! They’ve really improved low end bass definition and have cleaned up some of the mids/highs. Sounds more natural and engaging. Thanks!


Dear Tim, I finally had time to install the new platform under the tt last night. Tough part was lining up the discs under the feet. Man am I pissed I didn’t get into you guys way earlier. There is just so much more of everything. More organized soundstage and space, more ambiance, more dynamics, more highs lows, tonality, the works, more realism. Just more more more. Just a wonderful product and what I also love is no more tweaks. Just use with the stock feet. I’ve wasted so much time with feet, bearings etc. UGH! Thanks so much for taking care of me. It truly is a pleasure to enjoy!!

Hope you and the crew all have a fabulous holiday weekend. In the meantime I’ll try and decide which component to isolate next. The transport, or pre?

Thanks again for everything,



Just got the SRA units for my Lamm M1.2’s a few days ago and they are already integrated into the system. It sounds great! Thanks again for a wonderful product!



I find it amazing that every time I add one of your bases I find better defined / more powerful mid lower bass, better spatial definition and an overall better soundstage… What the….

Also, I have to say I am glad I asked for the extra spacing between shelves on the rack as I only have the hidden space between shelves remaining for airflow with the amps and preamp…

Thanks for the music,

Steve L.

I just wanted to thank you for coming out to me and helping set up the stands. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I enjoyed our discussion.

Initial impressions: It seemed there was some resonance in the lower mid-range before, as I notice better delineation (after the Ohio-Class XL+ install) in that part of the spectrum. In contrast, before, there was some mud in that octave.

And, of course, the stands are visually stunning; my wife thinks they look awesome.

I am going to call EMM labs next week to see about the upgrade.

Thanks again,



In a system that was already highly musical and very very good, placing the VR IsoBases under my Lamm M1.2 Reference amps gave improved focus, increased clarity and more definition in the bass. Unlike many other products, this improvement was immediately noticeable. These isolation bases are worth the investment and a must have for any serious audiophile. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Best Regards,


Well, I have been living with my new SRA isoBASES for a few days now and my impressions are as follows.

I liken the sound to a jazz band that has been together for so long that each member knows exactly what the others are about to do next, taking on a very “tight” sound. That is what the isoBASES that are under my Cortese and Berning amp sound like. They “tighten” up the music giving bass a very powerful, but controlled sound. Mid-range has a “you are there” feel to it. Vocalists seem to be right in the room with you. Highs sparkle, but are not bright. The sound takes on a more “live” feel to it. A couple of things that I really like is that the soundstage on most recordings seems wider (far beyond the speakers). Depth also improves on some recordings. I have a percussion cd by an artist named Mino Cinelu. This is a great reference cd that I use a lot. With the isoBASES I was amazed at the power that the percussion took on. You could not only get a feel for the size of the drums Mino is hitting, but you can get a good idea of the size of the room that the recording took place in. That is really cool! I could go on and on, but I am sure that you get the idea that I love these bases. I highly recommend them for use under the Suprateks. I don’t pretend to know how they work, but they DO work. I hope to isolate all of my equipment with the VR3 bases.


Hi Tim,

The Craz is an engineering masterpiece! Its appearance gives no clues as to its performance. Of course, I’d love to know more about its secrets … Congratulations!

The Craz has what I would call the “after” shock effect. I believed all the available evidence about the Craz’s performance before I placed my order with you. I was, of course, familiar with my own equipment. If you had blindfolded me, and let me to listen to my own equipment, but this time placed on the Craz, I would have sworn the equipment was different and far, far superior. The Craz’s “after” shock can only be experienced to be believed. Thanks, Tim.

I know you’re very busy, but I probably should ask you about the Ohio stands.


Hi, Tim:

I’m happy to report the following:

Craz vs. Finite-Elemente Pagode Master Reference

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve long been an advocate of proper isolation when it comes to the extraction of maximum performance from audio gear—be it amplifiers, preamps, front-end components, line conditioners, whatever. There is no doubt that, when properly executed, isolation can make an overwhelmingly positive difference in how a piece of electronics performs. I consider it essential.

That said, many months worth of research lead me to Silent Running Audio and its founder, Kevin Tellekamp. I’ve always been impressed with SRA’s “custom-fit” design methodology, and now own a number of Ohio Class XL+ isolation bases, as well as a four-shelf Craz rack, which have elevated the performance of my system into heretofore unimagined realms.

I could go on ad nauseum, but I’ll focus on what I consider the foundation of my system: the Craz. I’ve owned some very good equipment racks in my time, including, most notably, the Finite-Elemente Pagode Master Reference.

Before I acquired the Craz, the Master Ref was easily the best-sounding and -looking rack I had ever owned. A work of art in terms of aesthetics, the MR also matched its stunning looks with superior performance, providing huge gains in dynamics, background silence, and resolution over my previous references.

Enter the Craz. I had always been intrigued by Kevin’s products, but had never pulled the trigger before. Looking back on it, I’m not quite sure why. Anyway, after speaking with SRA at a recent CES show, I decided to buy my Craz. As I said before, I strongly believe in Kevin’s custom approach to isolation. In terms of sheer performance Craz makes much more sense than the ubiquitous one-size-fits-all approach used by most manufacturers of isolation gear. Every base and Craz is designed from the ground up specifically for the exact dimensions (including weight) of the component that’s going to rest on it. In my opinion, this is by far and away the best way to handle component isolation. No other manufacturer—including some of the big boys, such as Grand Prix Audio, Finite-Elemente, and HRS—can make quite the same claim.

After getting it installed—no mean feat, considering that, with shelves installed, it weighs close to 400 pounds—I sat down to listen. It still makes me smile thinking about that moment. As great as the Finite-Elemente was, the Craz was simply from a different sonic universe. Until then, I was never aware of how much information I was missing. Compared with the Master Reference, the Craz peeled away multiple layers of grunge I never knew was there, revealing low-level information and spatial cues that had previously been buried in the sonic mire. The blackness of background it created was stunning. The bass was also greatly improved, with increased speed and power. Dynamics and transient responsiveness, which I consider essential to accurate and involving music reproduction, were amazing, making the MR, already a powerhouse in this regard, seem downright sluggish and compressed. To say I was impressed would be seriously shortchanging how good this thing truly is.

I personally don’t consider aesthetics a priority—I’m a sonics-first kinda guy—but the Craz delivers here as well. It’s truly a work of art, from stem to stern. The level of craftsmanship wouldn’t be out of place in MOMA. My cousin is a master carpenter who has several local celebrities as clients, and even he was knocked out by the fit-and-finish of the Craz. And this guy can find flaws in anything!

Long story short, as long as SRA is in business and Kevin is manning the ship, I won’t even consider another isolation product. That’s how confident I am in not only his skills but his business integrity. In my mind, SRA simply makes the best products of its kind. Nothing I’ve heard has convinced me otherwise—and I doubt anything will.


Andy C.

Hi Tim,

I wish to join the chorus in singing the praises of SRA. The 2 VRs for my CD player and power conditioner have transformed the sound – all for the better. As so many have written, the bass is much tighter and deeper, the mids are richer and smoother, and the upper register is no longer annoyingly bright. Using electrostatic headphones only, an improvement was expected, but I did not expect the sound to soar with a new musicality.

When I take the plunge for a new amp, I’ll be back to pick up the Ohio XL,
which you recommended.

Thank you for transforming my sound!



Safely received and installed. As you suspected, the Ohios under the Lamms are significantly better on the floor than on anything else. Quite remarkable changes. Much better articulated bass with far greater presence and 3D imaging. I am very pleasantly surprised by the scale and obviousness of the changes.

As a result, I should be interested in exploring the replacement of my existing rack with a Craz. Present top to bottom is dCS Verdi La Scala on top of rack (and separate isolation) and them 5 shelves with ARC Ref 3, Elgar+, Verona wordclock, Purcell upsampler and Shunyata Hydra.

I am conscious that the Craz comes as standard with 3 shelves and whilst I can pile up the dCS components, that might defeat the purpose of the exercise. Is a rack with more shelves possible (or necessary)?

If so, can you give me a ballpark figure for a version in mahogany and an idea of what further information would be needed for the purpose of getting a full quote?

thanks, Greg R.


I wanted to let you know that I got the base in the mail last week; I hope that the payment for shipping
arrived OK.

To give proper feedback, I waited to write until the base settled in and I had a sense of what it was
doing. And I’m happy to say that I am *extremely* impressed. I had no idea how much of an improvement
vibration absorption could make to a system’s performance! Despite being pressed fairly close to a wall, I’m now getting significantly greater focus and clarity (with a bit more detail to boot), but without sacrificing any sense of tone or balance. The reviews which claimed that the isobases make systems sound “more like themselves” are remarkably accurate. My system is now quite close to sounding the way I’ve wanted it to (and hoped it was capable of), so the base is worth every penny and then some. I definitely will be ordering a second one for my CD player sometime in the future.

Best of luck with the business, and congratulations / kudos for making such a great product!


The Tremor/Less arrived today. I put it under my amp, as suggested. I
cannot believe what I’m hearing. This is your entry level product? Its
like a component upgrade. I’m hearing detail I’ve never heard before in
recordings I’ve listened to thousands of times. Moreover, I actually
have a gain issue (too much of it) in my system right now that I’ve been
wrestling with for the past several weeks. The Tremor/Less hasn’t cured
that issue, but it certainly has minimized it to such a degree that most of
the more drastic options that had been contemplated now seem unnecessary.
The shelf has completely eliminated all the harshness I was hearing at
higher volumes. Truly unbelievable. Everything simply sounds more “right”
and natural with your shelf. Thank you for a great product and, if you
have no objection, I would like to write again with some questions and
possibly order some more of your products.

Have a great weekend,

Norm H.

Hi Tim,

Well, it’s here, it’s assembled and IT”S GORGEOUS! I can’t believe how nice it is. The level of workmanship is exceptional. The word perfect comes to mind actually…It’s rock solid and holds everything as planned.

I did the customs paperwork on it on Monday and then BAX delivered it that afternoon. The movers installed it on Tuesday and Tuesday night I put all of the gear together on it. Listened to my first LP last night at 11:00. I notice greater musical detail in everything. It’s like I’ve only heard 1/2 of the information on the LP before the SME 30 and the SRA rack. Every note and every sound is full of information that I wasn’t hearing before. How much of this is the table and how much of this is the rack is unknown to me of course but I attribute the changes to both the table and the rack. It will be more telling when I switch to the digital gear as that was here before the rack.

We have been listening all day and the verdict is that the changes have all been for the good. So good, we are having trouble imagining it getting any better. It’s just outstanding.

I took a quick picture for you. I’ll do some more for you later.

Thanks for all of your help with this purchase and the million or so emails that have gone back and forth for the past year and a half. From my perspective it has all be worthwhile.

Kind regards,


I got it today,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
It’s totally f@$#ing incredible! That’s all I have to say about it. I must have another one, for my Marantz SA-7S1. I’m going to have to make it fit into my rack somehow!


Hi Tim,

I just have to write and express my surprise about the marked improvement on the Meridian 808 with VR3.0. For years I have been quite happy with Symposium platforms and Townsend Seismic Sink products. The former provides much clarity to the sound, and the later finished it up with the less obvious details. So I merely try out your product due to the unusual volume of support from individuals and corporations. Frankly I had a hard time believing that you could exceed the combination the products mentioned. Well, I am very surprised! Obviously these products are now removed, and the Meridian 808 simply sits on the VR3.0. The sound stage is now much deeper. Positioning of singers and instruments are significantly more distinctive. Supporting sounds that I did not hear clearly before now become obvious, while the dominant voice as well as instruments sound considerably more like live performance. Concurrently, both upper and lower frequency sound extend. I do listen to both classical and rock music. The VR3.0 points out plenty of music materials in a rock music song that was not audible before.

Steve Hoang

Hey Kevin,

OK I have a handle on these things now. I’ve listened with and without several times with material I’ve recorded.

How in the world these can do what they are doing on amplifiers built as rock solid as the MXRs is baffling to me. But there’s no denying the added flesh and bone these bring to the presentation. They simply breath more life into the sound. It isn’t one of those “different, therefore better” kind of things. This is simply a no-brainer way get more of what the MXRs are capable of.

Thanks again Kevin. You’ve pushed my system closer to reality with these beautifully built babies!

All the best,

Joe Harley

Its nice meeting you in the CES show, your room is one of the best sounding one.

I received the VR platform, it is everything I expected and more, great product!! I did not think my system was lacking in resolution before, but now with the platform in place, it is on a different level. I am also very happy that the soundstage expanded after having the platform, it cured a shortcoming of my system before. Sonics benefit aside, the VR platform also looks classy with great workmanship, fits in my existing furniture well, please see photos attached! By the way, thanks for remember leaving out your logo on my platform, I thought your logo is way too big and prominent than my liking.

I have read a lot about your platform before purchase, but only after having one in my system did I really know what the fuzz is about, thanks! I would certainly highly recommend your products to my friends. I would also like to thanks Tim for his help and recommendation!



Hi Tim

Amp stands have arrived safe and sound. The finish is superb!

I’m very impressed with the difference the stands have made. I have tried many products with varying degrees of success, or so I thought. However, none have had the same positive impact. I have come to the conclusion that many audiophiles, myself included change, components based on disinformation, what you are hearing is not necessarily the component but how well or poorly the component is isolated from vibration!

I cannot wait for the Craz to arrive, any indications on a due date.



Hi Tim,

My retailer received it, and I’ve seen (and hear !) it today! Wonderful !

I’m very happy to distribute this brand! It’s very very nice – the CAT JL2 is even more nice now (easiier to sell), and sound far better than with the Finite Element my retailer was using before!

The few customers who had sen it yesterday were very interested in SRA products.

I’ve got now 2 “news” published in paper magazines, and one on web news. Cheers,


Hello Tim,

My best compliments for your workmanship, including the shipping cabinets. I will call them thus, because “crates” would not do them justice. The guy from Bax, including myself , while shlepping the ten pieces were happy with their ergonomics. Very thoughtful.

My best compliments for what they do to the sound. Wonderful: Dynamics and rendering of detail improved beyond expectations. Did not realise, they needed to be run in, though it would be logical. It took about 20
hours of playing time.

The stuff is so good, that I will probably come back for more: Do you have the info for the WAVAC the 3 piece phono and preamps on file? I would need two platforms of your best Ohio grade for the two bigger components. Their size in cms is 37.5 width by 38.5 cms lenghth. I don’t know the weight, but I’m sure you can find out.

Thanks and best regards,



It arrived in fine shape by Fed-Ex.

I must say, I am more impressed by the improvements than I thought I would be, and only after a day or so’s listening. Improvements in the bass–deeper, but also more defined; more body up through the midrange; a subtle but noticeable reduction in grit or glare in the top end that makes things just sound more natural and pleasing.

I had been thinking of changing out my speaker cables since they seemed to be contributing to a slight leanness in the upper bass and lower midrange, but the VR base seems to have eliminated that issue.

Maybe I should put the money toward another base–would the preamp be next?


I have recently purchased 3 of your Ohio 2 isolation platforms. They reside under my Audio Research Ref 7 cd player, under my Dartzeel amp and Dartzeel pre amp. I must tell you that I;m delighted with the results, they have made such a hugh difference to my listening pleasure,giving me a much more natural sound and improving the soundfield massively. Many thanks for making such a fantastic product.


Hi Tim and Kevin,

Setting was not difficult but I was very happy to have some help.

The Craz is beautiful and a good match with my decoration. More importantly!! it makes music sound better, with a bigger soundstage; the Tron 211 becomes more comfortable with busy orchestral pieces interestingly.

I clearly made the best next step with this rack and I thank you very much.

Regards, Sylvie

I bought an Ohio class XL+ for my Kharma MP150 amp (via your dealer in France): the result is amazing: sounstage much deeper and wider, bass/voices/highs much better and focused.
Best regards.

Hi Tim,

I thank you for the clarification on the Series 2, and hopefully the two checks that were mailed have arrived.

Yesterday, I got my Ohio class base in place under my preamp and in conjunction with these same bases under my amp and cd player my systems sounds marvelous. Your products are world class and I thank you again for your great service and quick responses.

Kind regards,