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VR Series IsoBASE

"VR" Series isoBASE Audio Product Mix -

"My current reference…the extremely effective SRA resonance control system"

Jonathan Scull in Stereophile Magazine, August 2001 Vol. 24 No. 8 on Silent Running Audio "VR" Series isoBASE isolation shelves & SRA’s IsoDOME isolation devices.

The "VR" Series isoBASE product line is our newest, most cost effective isoBASE design. This new SRA Audio isoBASE has quickly become our best selling isolation device, and for good reason.

The "VR" Series isoBASE features all of the key design elements used in our acclaimed "Ohio-Class" XL Series isoBASE, but takes a different approach in controlling and eliminating vibrations.

The most obvious difference is the appearance of the main housing. By eliminating the HY-80 high tensile steel "RAFT", used in the "Ohio-Class" XL isoBASE (and the time needed to produce & install this "RAFT"), we were able to do two things.

First, we were able to gain additional room needed for our super rigid build materials to be used throughout construction.

Secondly, it allows for a simpler build process, which drastically reduces unit cost. This is done without sacrificing the performance our high-end audio customers expect from an SRA audio isolation platform.

It's the use of our new, super rigid build materials, which allows us to bring component specific design to all audiophiles, at attainable price points. The "VR" Series isoBASE effectively isolates down to 3 Hz. "VR" Series isoBASE units are available in an attractive neutral finish.

"VR Series" Audio isoBASE
Product Specs
Custom sized, component specific. 2.0 (2" inch) & 3.0 (3" inch) depending on application.
Standard finish, attractive "functional" gray marbleized coating.
0.75 High-pressure hybrid lamination (proprietary), fully lined with a sidewall thickness of 0.75 to 1.25.
From $350.00.
Footers made up of HY-80 high tensile steel, with locking stainless steel jam nuts. Steel spike cups are also available.
Suspension system
All isoBASE units are preset for exact unit weight total & weight distribution (+ or - 3lbs).
All units are shipped in custom built wood crates, which are fully padded.
Pre-base units are needed for equipment placed on carpets, these units raise the isoBASE unit off the carpet & allow the suspension to remain active.

*All orders once accepted are final.

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