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Craz Reference isoRACK plus™

World Class Audio Isolation Equipment Racks


Over the years, we’ve received countless phone calls and emails from customers frustrated in their attempt to find fully functional, aesthetically pleasing, true audiophile-grade equipment racks. “You guys already produce the world’s best isolation products. Why not build an ultra-high-end equipment rack?”

The rest, as they say, is history.

Leaning heavily on our backgrounds in psycho-acoustics and electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering, we launched a design project that, as it turns out, occupied two years. It was not time wasted. We have always under stood that determined engineering and materials-application result in superior performance. Even so, the Craz project delights us as much as anything we’ve ever done. Nor have our efforts gone unrecognized. The Craz Reference isoRACK plus™ occupies a place of honor in the homes of serious audiophiles and industry pros the world over. Simply put, a sonically accurate starting point is critical to optimal sound reproduction.

Product Overview

With the assistance of our sister company, PCC, a consultant and supplier of isolation products, systems, and function- al coatings to the Navy, Air Force, NASA, and other entities, we have been able to apply derivatives and test methods the details of which remain classified. From its proprietary sound abatement and attenuation aspects to its custom dampened, dual-point footers and user-adjustable, infinitely compliant Mass Load Support System™, The Craz Reference isoRACK plus™ boasts an assortment of high-tech developments unique among audiophile products. With its fully-dampened vertical and horizontal members and specially treated 1.25- inch-thick shelves, Craz is well equipped for the war on vibration—that is, the elimination of sonic anomalies over the broadest possible bandwidth and at the highest possible amplitude. We developed the ground-breaking Craz Reference isoRACK plus™ for the audiophile who aspires to the very best. It is bound to be the only component in your high- end system that you’ll never want to change. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to the Craz Reference isoRACK plus™.

Craz Reference 4 & 8 isoRACK plus™ Product Specs
World Class Audio Isolation Equipment Racks

Custom, call with requirements, built to spec. Craz 4 holds 4 components, one each on 4 shelves.

Craz 8 holds 8 components, two each on 4 shelves.

Hard white maple & Mahogany are standard, others at additional cost.
Contact us for pricing information.
1 in shelving is used
Craz Reference Rack Plus without the shelves

Craz Reference isoRack plus™ shelf-less

An equipment rack that performs!

Craz Reference isoRack plus

Tron and TW Acustic Audio Equipment on SRA Craz Reference isoRack plus

*All orders once accepted are final.

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