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SRA's Tremor/Less isoBASE.Silent Running Audio’s considerable reputation rests on its Component Specific Design™ technology. We don’t do anything haphazardly. SRA’s entry into the world of generic isolation has consumed close to two years of R&D.

In creating Tremor/Less ™, it has not been our purpose to bring to the marketplace yet another me-too product. Quite the contrary. We set out to expand the boundaries that limit the performance of non-specific, off-the-shelf designs. It is our sincere belief that we have raised the standard in a crowded A/V product segment.

Product Overview

By incorporating several of the design principles, materials, and assembly methods we use in our acclaimed Component Specific Design–based products, we have created in Tremor/Less a more modestly priced component with a strong and proven lineage.

Specifically, Tremor/Less employs a proprietary system, Set-Static Isolation™, which we developed using our state-of the-art modeling program. This software allows us to target and deal with problems most common to electronics and listening environments. We call this design technique problem averaging.

The Set-Static Isolation system embraces several key essentials. The heart of Tremor/Less consists of six semi-viscous compounds, each of which isolates and dampens specific frequency ranges. It’s this type of pinpoint targeting that allows Tremor/Less to eradicate problems and nothing else, thus allowing your system to transmit the accuracy and detail we audiophiles cherish. Welcome to sonic truth. Welcome to Tremor/Less.

Dimensions & Options
Tremor/Less is available in three sizes:
17 x 15 x 1.75 @ 10 lbs
19 x 16 x 1.75 @ 15 lbs
The finish is an attractive, fully functional natural gray with black fleck.
17" x 15" = $302.50
19" x 16" = $330.00

*All orders once accepted are final.

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