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If it were me, I'd look to a Silent Running Audio Craz Reference IsoRack. I know the original poster mentioned looks aren't a consideration, but the IsoRack is about the nicest looking rack available, in my opinion, and comes from a company that knows a thing or two about isolation.


I consider Kevin a good friend and a confidante. The guy is absolutely brilliant--it's actually quite scary how smart he is--but he's as nice as can be, and very humble and forthright. Just a great, great guy. On top of all that, IMO he makes hands-down the best racks and isolation devices on the planet.

If you're shopping in that range, also consider the Silent Running Audio Craz. I owned the Master Ref and, after hearing the two side by side, replaced it with the Craz and haven't looked back. The build quality is beyond incredible. Unless SRA upgrades it, my Craz will be in my room until God comes knockin'. :)

I came across this thread and thought I'd add my experience with this isolation issue.

To clear up one factual error, I would like to point out that SRA products in the squared series are reconfigurable for different components and so are pretty much future proof as far as changing components is concerned. It would difficult to overemphasize the importance of this as component specific isolation is the only isolation I've experienced that does not have negatives that offset its positives.

I have Ohio Class XL plus isoBASES for my Lamm M1.2 monos (reconfigurable should I replace them with other monos) and twin double-wide Craz racks for everything else except my speakers. The Craz racks are also reconfigurable and therefore future proof as well.

These SRA products have transformed my system and given me the sound I had been looking for. I spent 6 months of intensive research into available isolation products and did not like anything until I finally was pointed to SRA and Kevin Tellekamp.

I could tell you many things about these products, but instead I will point you to an SRA webpage with another SRA customer's comments which I cannot improve upon, except to say that besides knowing more about isolation than anyone else with whom I've ever discussed the subject and being a total perfectionist, Kevin is a man of outstanding character:

A few days ago I have received Silent Running Audio (SRA) stands for my ARC 610Ts. I have to say that the improvements are not subtle at all (contrary to my expectations). I would suspect voodoo if SRA's sister company didn't have impeccable credentials doing classified work on nuclear submarines .. not sure if this is a coincidence, but the stands are called Ohio!

I have a tuned revealing system with very decent cabling and a dedicated main line, but these stands brought such positive changes to the 610Ts that I am prompted to post here. First of all, I have a pretty substantial improvement in bass extension, depth and control. The Mini 2s never lacked control but they could use help in the other bass departments. I also felt as if a layer of "grain" was removed from the mid-range / low highs. I never though of the amps as grainy before, but they have acquired an increased purity that make complex music easier to follow. There is also an increase in PRAT (for want of a better term) with all instruments coming across as tighter, better controlled and therefore the music swings or rocks more. Finally, the soundstage has increased in height and depth.

I was not expecting so much improvement on what is finally a pretty small amount compared to the cost of one of my cables, let alone the rest of the system. To put it in perspective, it has not improved the sound as much as going from, say, my VPI SSM to the SME 20/12 on the LP source front, but it has had more effect than any cabling improvement I have effected in the past couple of years. These stands are tailor-made to the equipment that will sit on them, but SRA will reconfigure the stands at a small or no charge (depending on the stand) if your equipment changes.



*All orders once accepted are final.

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